Destination Phuket Town

Even though Phuket is an eminent destination for everyone, particularly on its unsurpassed beauty of marine resources, falling in love with cultural heritage of Phuket all over again is something so special for visitors. Over the decades, Phuket is as a multicultural spot for people with various nationalities, Thai, Chinese, Malay, etc. Since the past, the majority of the locals in Phuket have been Chinese; those settlers have been a part of prosperity and development until today. A cultural trip at your leisure in Phuket Town is recommended.

After a long journey from your hometown, take Phuket airport transfers and drop off yourself at Phuket Town and then slowly walk around lapping up its charming atmosphere – in tranquillity filled with history. Amongst modern environment, artistic Sino-Portuguese houses are sparsely located in this area, mainly situated on Thalang Road and in Soi Rommani. Some houses are transformed itself to be kind of shophouse, bistro, café, and gallery. To learn more its heritage, Phuket Thaihua Museum is the next hot spot to go, showcasing Chinese migration, tin mining, Chinese school, event, cuisine, etc. This venue also takes centre stage in its structure and valuable background. Another highlight is Chinpracha Mansion, to see how local people in the past live and what they use in everyday life. All the things are well-kept awaiting people who are interested in them. However, you have to contact the owner in advance before visiting. Additionally, a lot of temples, shrines, and mosques signify a religious belief of the locals; they all are in unique and meticulously beautiful designs. Continue your trip by Phuket taxi to another attraction called Rang Hill; Atop Rang Hill, embraced with natural tropical plants and clean environment, an expansive view of Phuket Town can be seen here. Just take a deep breath from fresh air while sipping some refreshment in a chill-out manner. Taking more photo opportunities in 3-D painting museum or Phuket Trickeye Museum, you will happily spend time together on creating the poses with those paintings, perhaps in a funny or bizarre pose. By any chance, you may go to Phuket Butterfly Garden featuring all about butterfly and insect, e.g. insect museum representing origin of insects and insect specimen, tarantula corner, butterfly habitat, fly-freely butterflies in a well-organised garden, and silk museum. Seeking for places to eat? Get rid of the worries on where to eat, there are a large number of first-rate restaurants all around serving you both local and fusion food with matchless hospitality and nice interior design. How about nightlife? You may spend a big night out at relaxed local boozers. For your perfect holiday, don’t forget to go shopping for some Asian hand-crafted products, antique items for home decoration, high quality accessories, traditional costumes, and Thai-inspired ornaments. To go anywhere as you want, just use a service of Phuket transfer which is safer and never wastes your valuable time.

Without doubt, an infinite number of visitors come to get more memorable and fabulous experience in Phuket rather than other areas of Thailand. As Phuket Town stands as a proof to island’s glory, it can surely be a desirable destination for visitors who love about local heritage and like to spend life in peaceful city – the best choice hard to refuse.

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