Destination Laguna and Choengthale

Offering a full range of touristic requirement, Choengthale area is as a big hitter in providing facilities, amenities, and services; many pristine beaches are situated in its area, to gain more attention of visitors making them would like to spend holidays longer. At the same time, a venue called Laguna is quite renowned for a lot of visitors. Located in a part of Choengthale, an approximate 1,000-acre Laguna boundary positions accommodation with high quality resort and hotel brands providing full facilities and everything visitors may want. From the airport, you can conveniently reach there by any Phuket airport transfer.

Laguna itself, as the finest destination in Asia, provides a great selection of premium accommodations, award-winning spas, excellent restaurants, nice bars, tours and excursions, fun-filled activities on a daily basis, 18-hole golf course, shopping venues, galleries, etc. With the lagoons throughout its area, Laguna offers a splendid command everywhere. All places in its territory can be reached easily by shuttle boat and bus by Laguna Phuket. Together with an unmatched hospitality, it is as a paradise on earth for visitors. In the area of Choengthale, Bang Thao Beach is situated on the west coast, with 3-kilometre-long beach featuring azure-blue water and white sand. When you need a break from a fast pace or crowds, Bang Thao Beach is recommended to unwind and be a great one for beach activities. Then, with any Phuket transfer, you may go to Layan Beach, where is in the north of Bang Thao Beach and a part of Sirinat National Park, very peaceful beach when comparing to other beaches. Unlike many others, embraced by abundantly natural beauty, it seems to be not much developed venue suitable for truly getaway. Beyond Bang Thao Beach within 6 minutes, Waeo Island with bountiful coral reefs is located, ideal for exploring underwater world by diving.

Since you are seeking where to eat and drink, a huge number of classy lounges, nice beach clubs, enjoyable beach bars, and innovative restaurants are scattered in every part of Choengthale. If you do love Thai dishes, well-presented Thai cuisine rich in flavours can be discovered around the place. A selection of European food is also provided in the attractive interior décor. Just choose what you really like. At Laguna and Choengthale, versatile ranges of pursuits are arranged – sunbathing, diving, snorkelling, Thai cooking class, spa and massage, participating in quest, golfing, horse riding, elephant trekking, yoga session, batik painting, Thai boxing training, etc. Again, you can see many types of crafts made by skillful craftsman put in some shops with affordable prices. Other products are offered in the large number: jewellery, leather bags and shoes, ceramic items, traditional Thai carving, and attire.

Most of visitors prefer this sort of calm place to bustling area and it includes all the things they can imagine in the same area. Although the location is quite distant from the town, this area is still ready for welcoming all visitors due to well-organised facilities and great hospitality. Eventually, to go anywhere in Phuket sometimes need Phuket taxi service; any further information, you can directly notify us and we will arrange this service for you.

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